Cheaper By the Dozen

Today marks our twelve year anniversary. So in honor of the occasion, here is a list of twelve things
I love about my wonderful bride. We've come a long way from the rehearsal dinner in the ER, but that's another story...
  1. She's a redhead! For an explanation read Anne of Green Gables.
  2. She's the mother of my two beautiful children, who obviously take after her good looks.
  3. She keeps me grounded, both figuratively when my ideas are far-fetched and literally when I want to rappel down the from the roof to paint the soffits.
  4. She enjoys a good cup of coffee (no sugar, extra cream).
  5. She argues intelligently with me, not just to win.
  6. She works hard.
  7. She makes friends easily. She's the social butterfly and I'm the social sloth and she covers for me when I can't remember peoples names.
  8. She pays attention to detail and takes pride in her work.
  9. She's a bargain hunter.
  10. She let's me be myself (within reason of course, see #3).
  11. She stands by me when I fail, usually after I've ignored her.
  12. She loves me (miracles still happen!).