Wanted to share some pictures with you from Oak Hill cemetery. These are the final resting places for the Hutchinson family who built and lived in our house. Florence was the younger daughter from who's estate we purchased the house. As you can see, her husband preceded her by several years. They had no children and she never remarried. I'm not sure where he is buried but I would guess in New York since they lived in NYC. Some locals have expressed disdain at her choice of monument, that it was too ostentatious (at nearly 4' tall it stands out in an area of 1' tall stones) but that is in keeping with her personality.

Robert was the older son and the last to pass away. I was able to speak with him briefly in a phone conversation shortly after we moved in and learned several firsthand tidbits about the house and their family history. He served in the Pacific during WWII and was the county surveyor for a while. I think it's interesting that neither of the children are buried with their spouses.

Frank and Jennie (pictured in the header) are the interesting couple who built the house. I wish I could find more history on them, their personalities and passions. They found this stone on one of their trips overseas. I'm not sure where it came from, but again some locals expressed frustration that it wasn't a "normal" cut stone. The grave is located in an older section and most of the graves nearby are much older. Some record searching revealed an infant who died at birth who is also buried in this plot. There is no name or marker for the child and it was several years later until Robert was born. So the plot was purchased almost 70 years prior to their deaths.
Florence has a vase beside her stone but none of the others do. I'm going to try and keep some of our roses out at the graves. I just think they may enjoy them and I really appreciate the house they gave us. It might need some superficial work and ongoing maintenance but the bones are great. All told, we had good PO's.