Gratuitous picture of my, ahem, assistant.
It's been raining the past couple days so I can't do much in the yard, and anyways I have to wait seven to ten days for the glazing compound on the door to skim over before I can put a coat of primer over it. Even so, it looks much better, no gaping cracks to catch all the rainfall.
After several suggestions to use a two part epoxy on the door I decided to check into it. There are a few places down in Indy that sell it, mostly marine shops. But with its high cost (compared to already owned glazing) and the difficulty of getting anywhere during office hours (I carpool) I decided to stick with my original plan B. At worst I could be repeating this whole process in another year but by then I'll have REALLY learned my lesson and would probably cough up the big bucks.
So meanwhile I thought I'd do a little renovation of the blog. Updated several of the colors to closer reflect the actual colors we're using on the house. Also rearranged the sidebar. Hopefully things are a bit more organized and make sense at least they do to me, but I've got a warped view of things ;-)