Prim(rose) and Proper

Yesterday Amy spent a lot of time weeding under the large maple tree. Now this is the same area that I'm going for a native woodland type garden and here is our point of contention. I say "weeds" are fine - they flower, spread naturally, don't require extra watering and are suited to the shade. She wants a neat and tidy appearance and if the plant isn't immediately identifiable as available at the nursery it must be a weed. I tease her about installing large swaths of mulch and golf type greens while she's convinced I just don't want to do any yard work.
I also thinned a patch of Evening Primrose (don't tell Amy they're naturalized and 100% edible) so if anyone local wants a few free shoots (in store available now for a limited time!) you are welcome to them. First come, first serve - otherwise she might just throw them out!