A New Hang Up

Since the Mrs is hosting a jewelry party tonight, I spent most of yesterday afternoon mowing and trimming the grass. After nearly a week of unabated rain, our yard really did look more like a prairie than an urban lot. I almost had to buy a machete hire a couple jungle bushmen to clear a path first!
Then after dinner I hung a new piece of art on the wall. It's a floral looking thing made of wire and hammered metal. Amy picked it up on sale from $100 marked down to $30. It's probably about two feet square and weighs ten pounds.
Yes, I actually got on the bathroom scale and weighed it. See, at first she wanted to hang it with fishing line so that the wire would be invisible. But even after doubling up the line I felt like there was too much tension. We didn't need it crashing to the floor in the middle of the night! So I ran out to the store and purchased another spool of picture wire.
You can't really see the wire and that's just part of having plaster walls and a picture rail - all our artwork hangs like an old gallery. It really fills in the bare wall by the piano too.