Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Houseblog Flipping or Day Trading?

I've enjoyed Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and have a couple different leagues going with friends and guys at work. But now there is a whole new game and it's tied to MY BLOG!! A special thanks to Hillsdale House for pointing out the BlogShares fantasy stock trading game. Simply put, it's an imaginary stock market but instead of using stats from actual companies, they use blogs! The more hits, the more productive the "company" and prices go up and shareholders are happy. Pick an obscure or dead blog and you loose money.
Now I'm pretty tech savvy but not the accountant type so there seem to be a lot of fancy strategies to make big bucks that I'll need to study up. No letting it sit in a 401K here. I'm pretty sure I'll invest in several houseblogs but certainly will need to diversify. Hmm...