Reality Houseblogging

Last night I attended my first meeting of the Boone County Historical Society's monthly "Old House Forum" and it was a lot of fun. It was sort of like finding a reality TV show of Housebloggers. Having just started this year, their goal is to bring together people in the community with an interest in fixing up older homes. After a brief presentation and discussion about a local committee's efforts to establish a Neighboorhood Preservation Ordinance we took off to tour three older homes.
The first home was up for sale. A nice 2800 square foot Victorian with a plaster moulded medalion on the dining room ceiling and several working pocket doors.
The second house was also up for auction and currently vacant. It was built in 1916 and was most recently served as the First Baptist Church parsonage. A very spacious Italianate house with east facing solarium, the house plan is a smaller replica of former governor Edgar Whitcomb's home at Seymour. Both were designed by Frank Hunter, architect from Indianapolis, who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright.
The last home was the personal residence and restoration project of the couple who heads up the forum. Another HUGE old Victorian, the house had been carved into six appartments. They are attempting to return it to a single family dwelling while both holding down jobs and raising two small children. They have made great strides but also have a lot of work ahead.
I really enjoyed the evening and was fascinated to find other local home renovators with whom I can converse and network and am looking forward to future meetings.