New Seed Catalog

With winter storm warnings and plunging tempuratures, I decided to settle in the rocker with a new seed catalog that just arrived today. One item that caught my eye was the Boone County White Dent Corn described as "An excellent high-yielding variety for corn meal or stock feed. Vigorous 9.5’ tall stalks, also good for silage. An heirloom developed in 1876 by James Riley, from a selection he made from White Mastadon, in Boone County, Indiana. Pkt. (150 seeds)" All that for just $2. Not sure where I'd put 150 corn plants on our city lot but it sure sounds like some interesting local lore. Not limited to just American heirloom seeds, there is a wide variety of Asian and European fruits and vegetables. Now I just need to pick something the kids won't eat;)