Chicken Done Little Lately

"The tub is falling, the tub is falling!" My sincere apologies for the recent dirth of posts, we just haven't done any work on the house but all that's about to change. It literally took a not-so-little piece to fall from the wall to push us back into the house renovation process. The tin tiles on the shower wall finally started to cascade from their perch with a sandy beach of plaster forming on the bottom of the tub. I could actually see the lath peering through. So tonight I pulled down all the loose pieces, saving the tin tile (for what, I don't know). And then covered the whole thing with 4mil plastic, securing it to the wall with packing tape. Hopefully this is only a temporary fix. I've already scouted out backer board and tile but we have yet to agree on an overall design scheme and of course there is always the subject of financing. What can we give up today to have an actual wall in the shower tomorrow?