Prairie Creek

A house should be part of it's environment, isn't that part of the Arts & Crafts credo? Well our house sits about 100 feet away from Prairie Creek, a tributary of Sugar Creek which feeds into the Wabash - on the banks far away. I've become accustomed to watching the water level during heavy rains and spring snow melts since our basement has flooded several times. I've learned that when the water is visible from our bedroom window it'll appear in the basement also. But now there's an even more accurate measurement: the US Geological Survey monitors a water level guage nearby. Apparently nine feet is considered flood stage. I have seen pictures of the last great flood (nearly 100 years ago) with people travelling down Meridian street in boats, just the other side of the block. Hopefully all the regrading that was done a few years ago will help to prevent any future flooding, but none the less we will probably remain in a flood plain with its required insurance.