Book Review: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Even though Norm Abram doesn't have a blog, his book Measure Twice, Cut Once; Lessons from a Master Carpenter published by Little, Brown and Company could certainly pass for one. Each chapter is really just one to two page "chats" about a specific tool, it's uses and the skills needed to get the most usefulness from it. He focuses on the basic carpenter's tools that he keeps in his own tool box. Full of great tips and advice, Norm has put to paper the kind of wisdom that used to be passed down by word of mouth. He freely admits that much of what he knows was learned from his father and gives a touching tribute in the final chapter. You really feel like Norm's sharing his life's passion without the fanfare common to modern celebrity biographies. This is not a book to sit and read through but great for short snippets while drinking that morning cup of coffee. I would highly recommend this book to your personal library.