Saturday, December 03, 2005

Santa's Workshop

We were recently challenged to show off our workshop so here are the bare ugly details. It looks rather messy, and straightening it up is usually a winter ritual. I've just got too many half finished projects laying around.
The "Darkroom In Use" sign is a nod to the PO's son who had a functioning darkroom in this same corner of the basement.

The wooden table was a cast off from the cafeteria, originally used as a homemade pie display.

I also share space with much of Amy's Longaberger stockpile.

In December this space becomes "Santa's Workshop" and I usually keep it locked up from the rugrats. Every year I try to make a present for the kids. Past projects have included a kitchenette, workbench, castle and pirate games, refurbishing a family heirloom baby doll crib and a high chair. I've got a couple ideas for this year but as usual I'm pushing the deadline. I really don't like to dry paint with a hair dryer at 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve!