It's A Trap

This afternoon while I was folding clothes in the basement (yes, I can do laundry as well as carpentry!) I noticed water dripping off the foundation sill. My first thought was condensation from the dryer vent that I recently rerouted into the house, but the vent was dry. Then I thought maybe water was dripping in through the window, but no, it is still below freezing and the sun was not shining so nothing was melting outside. And then I realized that I was right below the kitchen sink... and Amy was washing dishes.
So I raced upstairs, opened the cabinets, and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but standing water on the floor of the cabinet and a drain trap that looked like this:
Apparently the old metal pipe just rotted away. So with a quick trip to Carter's thirty minutes before they closed and five dollars later, I was able to pick up a new plastic, replacement drain trap. It only took an hour altogether and I was able to salvage the connector to the garbage disposal and the rubber sleeve for the drain pipe that comes up through the floor. So if I have about 500 feet of plumbing that needs replaced at least two feet are done!