Holiday Tradition #1

The first holiday tradition in our family is hauling all the boxes of decorations up from the basement. Then after Amy gets them set out, the empty storage boxes go back down to the basement where they wait until some time in January when they are repacked once again. All our decorations live in the old coal bin in the back of the basement. Here's the empty corner in the coal bin.
But before, when we lived in the mobile home, all the decorations were carefully packed into a 8'x12' shed and it always seemed like the Christmas stuff was burried in the back. That was a trip, spreading all our things across the yard in the freezing cold, repacking the shed in the middle of winter. At least now I can be indoors but with all the trips up and down the stairs I'm contemplating where I could install a dumb-waiter :) It would help in bringing the clean laundry up too!

Here's the rough, little creche I made last year for the nativity set out of some scraps that were laying around. It looks much better when full of sheep and cows.