Dwellers On The Threshold

Greg would be so proud. The south side door that I've been painting/refinishing still has the original wooden threshold. However it is quite brittle from all the sun, rain and snow. So bad that even the nails holding it in place had completely rusted away. Occasionally when opening the door to let the dog out the entire threshold would slide right out. I'd just kick it back into place and go on. But not anymore. I replaced it by reusing old scrap stock! After digging through our pile of wood I found a piece the same thickness, width and about four inches longer. I then ripped two beveled cuts to mirror the original and hand sawed the cutouts on either end to fit around the jambs. A little sanding, planning and more sanding and the replacement piece fit perfectly. In fact it's just a bit wider which helps cover a couple joints in the floor boards below. I then Liquid Nailed it into place figuring that nail or screw holes would just promote more decay. If the temps rise high enough tomorrow I'll add a bead of caulk to the front and prime it. Modern lumber just wouldn't have been thick enough so I was excited to find a good replacement - and the price was right too!