Bah, humbug!

Tonight we had another couple holiday traditions I could do without. First I put up the Christmas tree. Now we've got a fake one that the branches fold up and it fits neatly in its box until next year. (We used to cut a real one but Amy's afraid of sap falling on the hardwood floors) The tree is easy to put up, it's just the lights, lots of lights. Last year I wound eight strands of lights through each branch, tying them on with floral wire so that the lights would fold up and hopefully stay on from year to year. They stayed on, but now half of a couple strands won't light up. Guess I'll restring the tree again this year.
Then we made our first trip to THE MALL. It was a classic evening with heavy traffic, too few checkout lanes open, and kids wanting to live at the playland. I won't bore you with all the details. There was one bright spot however; I bought myself a couple stocking stuffers: a nail set and three wood chisels. Hopefully Mrs Claus let's me use them before Christmas:)