16 tons and what do you get?

Well, it was actually only 1.5 tons of Indiana Brownstone but since we picked each piece up several times it seemed more like several tons. We spent the day helping Amy's aunt reconstruct the flowerbed in front of her condo. Originally there were several scraggly overgrown bushes and shrubs, but after clearing the design with the homeowners association she had maintenance rip them out. So this morning, armed with a couple donuts and coffee we unwrapped the crate of stone and began building the wall. Once the bed was enclosed, several bags of compost and topsoil were amended to the soil also "raising" the bed. The girls then planted perhaps a hundred bulbs. Finally, a layer of bark mulch covered the whole bed, tucking the bulbs in for their winter slumber. It was a beautiful day and with rain predicted for tonight it worked out perfectly. By Spring there should be a fantastic swath of color to greet her.