A Step Up

This weekend we stopped by another auction. Amy finally admitted that she continues to bid over her limit because she doesn't like to lose. However, she did bring home a few gems. One item found burried in a box of kids toys was an Eastman Printing Frame for 3.25" x 5.5" negatives. Now at the auction they had two "rings" going at the same time so I was in the back yard looking through tools while she was in the front yard checking out the glassware. I was also able to pick up a two foot and four foot stepladder for just $1. (No more hauling out the six foot ladder just to change light bulbs.) I also picked up an old drill press for $15. It needs a little grease but should work great. Just as I won the bid for the drill I heard a woman's voice from across the table say "What are you doing?" It was Amy and she had discovered that I was spending money too. What else would you expect when she gave me my own number. At least we weren't bidding against each other :)