Sawhorse Stable

You'd think after finally cleaning out the garage we'd actually put the car in there, but alas, no. Instead I dragged out the sawhorses and started the ardous task of stripping paint from the storms and screens. Now this was supposed to be my dedicated renovation job for the summer, and I'm just getting started in October. Looks like most of the windows will have to wear the same tired, old storms this winter. All of the storms are painted with so many layers you wouldn't know there was a fancy moulding along the paine. Many of the mortise and tenon joints are loose due to drying or rotting, so there will be some repairs as well as new coats of paint. The one item that has been sitting around the longest, waiting for attention is the screen for the front door. Unlike all the other doors and windows, the front door is stained and then shellaced. The copper mesh screen was tacked on and covered with a strip of trim so there are seemingly hundreds of nail holes along the edge of the window. It would be great to replace the screen with similar copper wire mesh but I have yet to find any, even on the internet. I also plan to build some sort of method for swapping out a storm panel with the screen. This is a real heavy screen door; no "thwap" when it closes, more like a "wham", with Batman stylized lettering. If the weather turns colder I'll have to add a heater to the sawhorse stable, then perhaps I'll get the storm windows done by Spring.