Interior Light and Magic

I stopped at Mason's Rare and Used Book Store today and found a little gem in the free book boxes: "Interior Electric Wiring and Estimating" by Uhl, Nelson and Dunlap. Published in 1947 it covers several topics such as Service Wiring, Knob and Tube, Cable, Conduit, Apartment Buildings, Factories and Estimating Wiring. With plenty of illustrations and tables it appears to be a very practical guide. I've already been able to identify some of the timeline for when our various electical upgrades occured. There is even a section describing the proper method for wiring the push button switches that are throughout our house. Lest you think it's an outdated manual, there is quite a discussion regarding the "new" material called RomeX and something called Armored cable. But best of all, tucked inside the back flyleaf are eight blueprints for a one and a half story house with attached garage and basement, complete with wiring and plumbing diagrams! Not a book too many people would read but a fascinating historical document, especially when read by the very lighting it describes.