House Renovation Master Plan

I can live with a lot of chaos as long as I know there is a plan in place for moving beyond it. So don't expect to see much progress on this right away but at least here is our newly revised...

    House Renovation Master Plan

  • Replace all plumbing with PEX tubing

  • Add shut off valves, new exterior faucets and rerun line to garage

  • New hot water heater

  • Radiant floor heat on first floor, basement

  • Solar heat panels

  • Garden irrigation system, including retrofitting cisterns

  • Radiant heat in sidewalk, driveway

  • Install drain system in basement, waterproof


  • Finish electrical wiring

  • Add network wiring

Exterior Repairs

  • Repair soffits and add vents

  • Paint exterior trim

  • Paint windows - replace, repair storms and screens, garage door

  • New railing on balcony

  • Build a back porch, patio/sandbox


  • Build new top for arbor

  • Gravel in Rose garden

  • Flagstone walks through garden


  • Paint hallway

Total Renovation of

  • Upstairs bathroom
  • Downstairs Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Library