Elizabeth Scissorhands

Thanks for the nice comment Jocelyn but my kids can make enough memories without my little construction projects. I came home from work today, only to discover large clumps of hair all over Elizabeth's bedroom. Now she has beautiful, long, naturally wavy, blonde hair so there was a moment of panic. But then I began to notice the variety of hair colors. She had cut every piece of paper in her room, but it just wasn't enough. She gave all her horses bob tails. She nicked up her 36" long plush horse, cut up a Vera Bradley teddy bear's tie. Even Sophie, our golden retriever wasn't exempt. But of course the worst was her own hair - the sides were shortened and a large clump in the back was gone. So instead of putting the final coat of paint on the side door before the weather turns too cold, I spent the evening cleaning hair off every surface imaginable. Oh well, at least her hair will grow back, unlike the horses'.