Got that glazed look

Put the window back in the south side exterior door this evening.

First spread glazing compund along the lip and then spent several minutes washing it off my hands. Then I dropped the glass pane... gently into the opening. Pressed firmly into place, and added points. And finally scraped off the excess glazing.

Yes that's Miss Sophie wanting to come back inside.

High end options I chose: 1) a coat of oil based primer before glazing. this will keep the wood from wicking all the moisture out of the glazing, which explains why ours was so dry and brittle.

2) our exterior doors have stops, or fancy trim pieces that get nailed to the interior side of the window. this creates a stronger hold for the door window but they failed to add points, which I added.

3) used longer finishing nails to hold the stops in place for a better hold.

Amy also hit another auction today. In a $5 box of junk she purchased we found a very old Des Moines Glove Manufacturing Company catcher's mitt in good condition. The only other reference I could find on the Internet was an ebay listing that sold for $180. Not a bad buy, I'd say.