Finally Getting to Work

It has been a hectic, crazy summer. I had planned to make painting the windows my summer project, but spent most of the early part shoveling dirt and mulch. And with recent weekends spent at my new job the free time to work on the house has been limited, if even existent. But today I finally crawled back into the basement and started working on the windows once again.
Last summer I got one window frame painted but need to rebuild the storms and screens. The first thing was to rip down a 2x4 for the new frame. I should probably use something like cedar or mahogany but all I can afford is cheap pine. I then cut the pieces to length being sure to account for overlapping mortise and tenon joints. I also used the table saw to cut out a groove for the screening spline.
Then begins the tricky part of matching up the corners and cutting out the mortise and tenon joints. Now I don't have any fancy tools for this complicated type of joinery, but after two hours of hand sawing, sanding and carving I finally got a nice tight joint. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy taking the time to do a good job and am willing to learn rather than just run it through a machine or buy one pre-fab but after two hours on one joint...I just might get one window done before winter sets in again!